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June 12th, 2009

I’ve met a few business owners recently who just paid for their brand new website that does…nothing. They hired the web designer, approved the design and the website is now live. Yet nothing is happening. They are receiving minimal e-mail submissions, very few hits on the site, maybe a few phone calls and no search engine ranking.

The first problem is that many sites are not designed –  nor are they built –  for search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, once the website is finished, owners think they can just sit back and the contacts will roll in. In reality, it’s only the beginning – there is much more work to be done. Think of your website as your car – it won’t get you anywhere unless you keep adding fuel and continue to maintain the engine. (I’ll bet car enthusiasts will love that one).

How you advertise your website is just as important. If you only advertise twice monthly in a newspaper ad, you are missing the boat. Online advertising, social networking sites, mobile media and blogs are today’s keys to your website’s performance. Monitoring your website hits through web stats is vital. Changing content frequently is also important for search engine indexing. I could go on here.

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