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January 7th, 2011

As promised…Kayla models her new collar.

Mrs Bones Decorative Dog Collars

January 3rd, 2011

2010 gave us some fantastic clients and fun projects. We have been so busy (which is good!) that we’ve neglected our own blog. So let’s start with ~

custom dog collars

Mrs. Bones Bowtique ~ Mrs. Bones makes absolutely beautiful designer dog and pet collars – including the Martingale style – and once we finished their new website they sent us a few samples for our lab, Kayla. The collar fabric choices are awesome in the store, and when you add the gold engraving (added by Mrs. Bones herself), they are even more stunning. Check out their stores at Hilltop in Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. I’ll post a photo of Kayla modeling her new collars soon…Thank You Mrs Bones! You can also shop for Mrs. Bones’ collars online at

February 19th, 2010

Sajo Farm Pool and Clubhouse

Sajo Farm Pool and Clubhouse

We are lucky enough to work with some awesome photographers on our projects and we always enjoy working with¬†Chris Crumley. He took this photo of Sajo Farm Pool and Clubhouse at dusk for one of our favorite clients, The Terry‚ÄĘPeterson Companies at one of their new home communities, SajoFarm in Virginia Beach. Chris makes everything look easy. Taking evening or dusk photos involves more than just using your flash. This shot needed the right angle and elevation, property must be cleaned and prepared, lights scheduled to be on, pool furniture situated, sprinklers turned off, multiple lighting techniques used via voice radio and last but not least, calling the right day for good weather. It also involved complex post-production work to marry a lot of images together. Beautiful – thanks again, Chris!

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